Studio and Work

I work in a small studio attached to the barn behind our house. In the past I've had student spaces, a sunny room in a railroad apartment ten feet from my bed, a prison-like cell with one round window and cold brick walls, my mother's former studio, dark portioned-off sections of other people's spaces.  

This current space has woods to the east, the town field to the north. Two small windows look out on the woods and the field.

It's a peaceful place.

I've returned to working pretty consistently. Things are finding a rhythm.

The abstract paintings, drawings, constructions, and photographs are further explorations into light, mood, inner constructs, organic architectural improvisations. I try to begin with something observed, lately that is often light falling on different surfaces. I work from a snapshot or a sketch or memory. Sometimes I use my daughters' drawings as a starting off place, or shadows cast by the moon on a shed out back, or the idea of a bird's eye view of a place, but often it's just an abstract notion. There seems to be this eternal search for real subject matter. I will always be looking.